Inspecting the world one asset at a time. Quiktrak is one of the leading asset verification, floorplan auditing, and risk management companies, providing services and technology in fourteen countries and counting. Our roots are really in the finance industry itself. Back in 1991, Don and Greg Froomer identified a need in the finance industry for a full-service asset inspection company - one that truly understood the risks taken by finance companies.


Our origins trace back to Woodland Hills, California, to a tiny 700-square-foot office with a staff of four including the Froomers. With backgrounds in equipment finance and running a small leasing business at the time, the Froomers recognized a void that needed filling in the leasing industry. That void was for a trusted third party inspection company that provided fast, accurate, and uniform inspection reports as a due diligence tool to be used prior to a finance company funding a lease or loan. Believing they could fill that void, the Froomers created Quiktrak.

The company rolled out regionally in five western states, but demand drove the business to grow very quickly to cover all of the United States by the end of 1991. In 1993, Quiktrak added dealer-based inventory auditing (floorplan auditing) to its service line to meet a need in the wholesale finance industry. When we first entered this market, the audit process was a significantly manual process. Recognizing the need to have an automated, flexible, efficient audit system, the company formed Revoquest in 1996 to develop what today is considered one of the most advanced collateral management systems on the market.

We began our expansion internationally in 1995, when we launched our services in Canada. In 2002, we made our boldest move out of the country by opening up our services in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. In 2010, our expansion exploded into Western Europe and other countries where we primarily offered Revoquest technology licensing. Currently, Quiktrak’s Revoquest system is operating in Denmark, Germany, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, and Australia. Soon Brazil and Mexico will be added to the list. The goal to grow globally is a high priority for the company.

While technology is Quiktrak's greatest investment, its people are its greatest asset. The internal culture is energetic, fun, and productive – we feel this makes Quiktrak one of the best places to work in Portland. The management team goes to great measures to empower the employees with knowledge of how their individual contributions can help reach each year's corporate goals. A deep devotion to community service is supported by an in-house community service group - Helping Hands. Visit our Community Page to learn more about our projects.