Field Network / Management

One of the greatest strengths at Quiktrak is our professional and experienced inspectors in the field. Because we are an extension of our client’s brand when we are on a job/audit, we take our responsibility of deploying the most qualified field personnel very seriously.


Quiktrak has over 500 “Quiktrak Certified” inspector/auditors throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Each inspector is required to meet and uphold our high standards in the field.

Professionalism & Experience

Quiktrak seeks only the most experienced and professional individuals to perform field work. On average our inspectors have 5-10 years of prior inspection work and/or experience in related fields. Prior to conducting a job for Quiktrak, our inspectors must pass a background check and be certified (as described below) for each type of job they are assigned. They are required to maintain professional demeanor and typically wear Quiktrak branded attire.

Procedure Certifications

Before serving as your “eyes and ears” in the field, Quiktrak inspectors must complete and pass a procedure overview certifying competency in conducting a specific inspection or audit type. The overview process ensures the inspector is familiar with Quiktrak’s inspection procedures and practices, proper completion of the report forms, and has an understanding of situations that can arise. Finally they must pass a certification test prior to completing each type of service in the field.

Cutting-edge Technology

Our inspector network is currently equipped with the latest mobile technology to assist in performing inspections and audits in the field. Utilizing PocketPC PDAs and Smart Phones in conjunction with our proprietary risk management software, Revoquest, inspectors can remotely upload their inspection and audit results from the field, enabling our clients to receive the results faster than any other service provider.

Quality Assurance

Inspections are regularly reviewed for accuracy and quality assurance. In addition, Quiktrak maintains strict rotation practices for floor plan auditing to ensure that the same auditors are not continually auditing the same dealerships repetitively. Because of our high standards, Quiktrak has a “zero tolerance” policy for any knowingly misreported information from the field