Audit & Inventory Management

Quiktrak began inventory verification field audits for dealer-based financing programs in 1993 after an RV manufacturer approached us with the need for a fast and reliable inventory verification service. Today we provide dealer-level verification of tens of thousands of units annually, from autos to motorcycles to farm equipment, in the US, Canada and Europe. Watch our video on the Quiktrak Experience.

Dealer Floor Plan Audit Services

Designed for wholesale or captive finance companies who floor equipment to a dealer base, Quiktrak's auditing services are utilized to mitigate risk and increase visibility at the dealer level.

We provide a suite of complementary floor plan inventory management services that can be utilized individually to complement existing programs or engaged as a whole for startup programs.

Quiktrak clients can leverage our network of professional inspectors to efficiently perform audits in the field, utilize our cutting-edge mobile field audit technology for fast, accurate data syncing and license our Revoquest Risk Management System for highly customized risk-based reporting and analysis.

Quiktrak Floor Plan Audit Solutions
Risk Management Consultants

In working with clients from across the financial services spectrum, our experience is that no two companies have the same audit practices or risk requirements.

As such, we develop one-on-one relationships with our clients to create a customized audit program that leverages their existing processes and systems with our blend of industry-leading field services.

We seek to learn as much as possible about the business of our clients, their audit requirements, current methods, points of pain and back room processes to help them achieve their strategic goals.

Kim Plutte

 Chief Customer Officer