Revoquest Risk Management Technology

Managing risk is the core of what we do for our customers. We facilitate your risk management with specialized tools. Our systems, processes, and reporting are the technological tools of our trade. Our people, experience, and knowledge are the intuitive tools of our trade.


Quiktrak pioneered automation for the audit and inventory management process with the development of our proprietary software system, Revoquest. Using the latest technology, Quiktrak collects the information in the field with mobile devices and delivers this information after a comprehensive review and analysis through a secured web interface. There are three main ways our captive and wholesale finance clients utilize our services.

Business models include:

  • Full Service - For clients requesting Quiktrak field auditors equipped with Revoquest-powered mobile devices and then managed through Quiktrak’s processing and quality assurance departments.
  • License Only - For clients who want to utilize their own audit team or a chosen third party audit company and want to license the Revoquest technology.
  • Combination - Clients who want the flexibility of utilizing their own in-house auditors can license the Revoquest technology and request Quiktrak auditors to supplement, fill in or rotate for their own auditors as necessary.

The risk management power of the Revoquest system is continually working for you, no matter which business model is used. System highlights of the Revoquest system are highlighted below.

Revoquest System High-Level Features:

  • Pre-Audit Logistics and Workflow Management
    • Scheduling – simple and complex multi-location coordinated
    • Inspector selection
    • Rotation compliance scheduling
    • Pre-audit special instructions
  • Auditor On-Site Functionality – expedites audit process
    • Historical audit look back
    • Auditor risk management reports reviewed
  • Post-Audit Quality Assurance
    • Client-specific business rule logic
    • Auditor risk management reports reviewed
  • Post-Audit Risk Management
    • Audit / dealer ratings calculated and analyzed
    • Extensive risk management reporting engine – specific industry reports available
      • Violation reports, automated notifications, automated dealer letters
      • Auditor, dealer and portfolio risk analysis