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Revoquest License Expands Quiktrak Audit Solution to Global Market
License gives dealerships and finance groups direct access to audit tools

BEAVERTON, Oregon (March 12, 2014) – Quiktrak, a global leader in asset verification and inventory audit solutions, today announced that it has licensed its audit software solution, Revoquest, giving users direct access to its premier suite of tools.

With a Revoquest license, users can empower their in-house audit team or third party audit teams with tools to more efficiently and effectively carry out the inventory auditing process. Revoquest manages all aspects of the auditing process, from pre- scheduling to the actual audit to post analysis through its web application. Users can seamlessly integrate Revoquest into their existing business management systems. The adaptable technology streamlines the auditing process and makes managing complex dealer –based inventory more efficient.

“This licensing program brings the power of Revoquest to the global wholesale and captive finance marketplace,” said Greg Froomer, CEO and president of Quiktrak. “We are continually challenged by our clients to help grow their portfolios without increasing resources while managing their risk. With the Revoquest system our clients see this result first hand.”

Revoquest saves time and money by providing greater control and management of the dealer audit process for both large and small organizations. The global platform can be adapted to the customer’s systems and customized to manage their entire dealer portfolio.

Auditors in the field can utilize the Revoquest mobile application from any Android device. The application puts risk management tools in the hands of the auditor and saves time in the field by leveraging all of the advanced features available on Android OS.

“Quiktrak continues to innovate and find new ways to deliver value to its customers,” said Mark Abrams, CIO of Quiktrak. “Empowering auditors with mobile applications is critical for organizations looking to save time and money. In the highly mobile society we live in, this is essential for success.”

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Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Quiktrak is a leading provider of due diligence field services, including field inspection and asset verification reports and floor plan inventory auditing and technology solutions. Founded in 1991, Quiktrak utilizes their Revoquest technology and a network of more than 600 strategically placed inspectors to provide the industry’s most reliable and trusted asset verification solution. Quiktrak’s audit services and technology solutions help protect the assets of leading commercial lenders and asset finance companies, including captive finance and wholesale credit groups currently in 14 countries.

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